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Say hello to $50 when you open a City West Union Account

Simply apply for the no-fuss and no monthly account fee bank account, and then within 30 days use the Current Account Switch Service to complete a full switch with at least 2 direct debits or standing orders
If you're an existing customer with an overdraft, you can log on to online banking

At a glance

Manage your money when you want Our phone, online and mobile banking services are there for you 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Withdraw up to $300 a day

Get hold of your money when you need it.

Enjoy peace of mind with an arranged overdraft You can apply for one when you open your account, giving you a handy safety net in case you ever need it. Overdrafts are subject to status

Get help day or night If you need a hand we're always here to help. Online, on our app, by phone and in branch.

Pay bills and friends with ease Set up new payees, standing orders and direct debits in moments with our app.

Easy mobile banking

Controlling your finances is simple with our Mobile Banking app. Make payments,transfer fund pay in cheques with a photo, block or unblock your card. You can do it all in moments.

Smile-inducing savings

Help your money work a little harder. As a Bank Account customer you can open a Regular Saver account. Earn 2.75% AER/gross, helping you build a nice little nest egg.

Things you should Know

Charges and overdraft  
Overdrafts and unarranged overdrafts An overdraft lets you borrow money on your current account. An arranged overdraft is where we agree an overdraft limit with you. This can help in months when you have extra expenses. An unarranged overdraft is when you make a payment that takes your account over your arranged limit or overdrawn when you don’t have an arranged overdraft in place. We’ll always consider an unarranged request and make the payment if we can. Unarranged overdrafts may incur higher fees and result in declined transactions. We report account activity, including overdraft usage, to credit reference agencies. An unarranged overdraft lasting more than 30 days could have a negative impact on your credit rating. Overdrafts are not suitable for long-term borrowing and usually result in interest and other fees. If you take an arranged overdraft, you can later ask us to increase, reduce or remove your limit at any time online, by phone or in a branch. If you end your overdraft you’ll have to repay any overdrawn amount and any interest owed. If you want to reduce your limit, you’ll first need to make sure you bring your borrowing down within the new limit. To find out more, visit our overdrafts page where you can find out if you’re eligible and overdraft cost calculator
Overdraft charges When you open your account you can apply for an arranged overdraft. Anything you borrow within this limit will be charged interest at 19.9% EAR variable. If you go over your arranged overdraft limit you’ll also be charged $5 a day for each day you’re overdrawn (up to a maximum of $80 a month). This is known as using an ‘unarranged overdraft’. This is on top of the interest you’d have to pay. We provide a number of tools to help you avoid overdraft charges. For example, your account comes with a $10 buffer for unarranged overdrafts. This means that if you go into your unarranged overdraft by $10 or less, you won’t pay any unarranged overdraft charges or interest. We’ll also send you a text alert (if you’ve given us your mobile number) if an upcoming payment is going to make you overdrawn. To help you avoid overdraft fees we'll send you a text alert (if you've given us your mobile number) if a payment is going to take you into an unarranged overdraft. We'll also send you a text alert if there aren’t sufficient funds available in your account to make a payment. Representative example: 19.9% EAR variable (assumed arranged overdraft $1,200). Overdrafts are subject to status.

Start your banking with City West Union