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No! it's completely FREE. There are no bank charges for transferring money to your City West Union account

All financial information is encrypted and stored to PCIDSS Level 1 compliant standards. PCIDSS Level 1 compliance is a set of rules stated by credit card companies and audited by an independent third party. It is the highest possible rating one can get in the electronic payment processing industry. Additionally, all transmission to our banking partner and on our site is via an encrypted 256-bit HTTPS SSL connection.

Your security is our major priority, so we work with a PCIDSS-compliant payment processor. Your card details are extremely safe and are warehoused where they can never be compromised

Yes, we make sure that each investment listing on City West Union comes with its own protection and coverage.

All investment opportunities listed on City West Union are pre-vetted for maximum safety. We carry out due diligence on all investment partners.

All investment options aggregated on City West Union Investify have been properly vetted for insurance against loss. However, City West Union Extra Protection can be added to your investment for maximum capital safety.

City West Union Extra Capital Protection is an added layer of security provided by City West Union that ensures your capital is protected.

SafeLock is a fixed savings option that allows you to earn up to 15.5% per annum, usually paid up front. your Safelock acts as your sub-account so that you can transfer and lock funds from your debit card for at least 10 days, without access to these funds until maturity. The SafeLock feature is one step further towards curbing the temptation to touch money that you have put aside as your savings.

With Target Savings, you are able to save consistently towards a particular financial goal. You can create a personal target or a Group savings challenge with your multiple users. Save for your rent, vacation, a new gadget and even towards starting your new business with Target savings, and earn more money while at it!

Once you receive your City West Union Visa Credit Card, you will need to activate it before you can make purchases. Please read the Conditions of Use and Fee and Charges thoroughly before you activate your card. You accept these Conditions of Use and Fees and Charges when you activate your card. you can activate your card by calling us or email us at [email protected].

Open an Account with us, fill in the few online forms
confirm and verify your logins.
Activate your Account through your email,
login to your account, remember to logout once you are through.

We know it can be hard sometimes to keep on top of your finances. Our team are here to do what we can to assist if things get a bit tough.Please call us as soon as you can if you find yourself having any financial problems and can't pay any amount due

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